McLay 651 CrossXover

McLay 651 CrossXover

Length: 6.6m
Width: 2.3m
Fuel Tank: 225L
Engine: 225hp Mercury PRO XS
Passenger Capacity: 6 passengers
Equipment: 16inch Simrad Sounder NSS EVO 3S GPS Sounder, live bait tank, 225L fuel tank, 100L esky, deck wash, USB port, 12V socket, swim ladder

The all-new McLay 651 CrossXover is the ultimate boat for fishing, family fun, and island adventures in the Whitsundays.

This versatile boat is perfect for fishing enthusiasts, families, and island-hopping snorkelers. The spacious deck offers plenty of room to cast your line, while the deck wash, Simrad sounder, bait board, live bait tank, abundant rod holders, swim ladder and u-deck flooring ensure a comfortable day on the water.

If you are looking for a boat with extra shade, whether it be for the family, or as a sleeping space at night, then this is the boat for you. The hardtop half cabin provides all of this, plus extra protection in case the wind does come up. There is also an additional shade cover extending off the hardtop. For those sleeping overnight, there is an extendable leg space for you to stretch out.

This boat is ideal for anglers who want plenty of space to land trophy fish, families looking for a stable and comfortable ride, and snorkelling enthusiasts eager to explore the islands. The CrossXover has something for everyone, so you can make the most of your time on the water.

Watersports cannot be used with this boat due to no tow point.

Please note:

All our licenced boats come with a full tank of fuel. The customer pays for the fuel that they use. We take a $250 fuel bond and will either refund or charge you for the difference.

Children under 12 are considered 1 (one) passenger under QLD regulations on boats in survey.

Multiple Day Bookings:

When hiring a boat for more than one day, the boat must be re-fuelled at the end of each day, specifically when camping. If berthing with us (ABH) the boat must be returned by 4pm and we will refuel the boat for you. If berthing the boat elsewhere, you must refuel the boat yourself.

If you run out of fuel, especially when camping all towing costs will be at your expense, the price is determined by the relevant towing/rescue company.

When booking boats to camp the maximum number of persons on the boat is to be 2 people less than advertised, this is to allow for extra weight of camping gear.

McLay 651 CrossXover Hire Rates
1 Day – $750 (per day)
2 Day – $740 (per day)
3 Day – $730 (per day)
4 Day – $720 (per day)
5 Day – $710 (per day)


As of 1st July 2023, a fee of $8 per person (4 years and over) per day, for the first 3 days of the booking will be added. This fee will be manually added onto the booking for the GBRMPA environmental management charge. The numbers on board will be confirmed the day prior to your booking.